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We have been developing a system for teaching west coast swing at our studio over the past 8 years. We are now proud to begin to offer some of these techniques and concepts in our new west coast swing instructional DVD series. We will cover the basic patterns as well as more advanced patterns and concepts. We will offer instructional DVD's for important topics such as musicality, timing, connection and turn technique. In the short time we have been building our community here in Louisville we have produced some of the best dancers in the midwest and now we will share how we did it with you through our west coast swing instructional DVD series. -Brian "B"


Learn the concepts that Brian has used all across the world to teach people how to turn like a top professional.

Great for West Coast, Two Step, Salsa, Linedance, and more...

Included is the break down of Pivot Turns, Chaine Turns, Spiral Turns, and 'One Foot' Partner Spins!

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Check out some cool patterns that build on each other as well as some other intermediate concepts to play with…

Included are a decapitive whip series, a 'sling shot' series both with multiple options as well as a concept called scrolling to make your basic patterns more interesting...

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