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A personal message & special offer
from our owner -Brian Barakauskas
Personal note from Brian Barakauskas
My name is Brian Barakauskas and I am the owner and lead instructor at Dance Louisville. I'm glad you came to my website because I am on an unstoppable mission to introduce dancing to as many people as possible in Louisville.

Thats why I am offering you the best deal possible! 30 days of unlimited classes for $30. I'm sure you will love us...if you don't?
I will give you double your money back.

  • Enter your email to the right for unlimited group classes for 30 days.
  • Give us a call to schedule your first private lesson.

I absolutely love Dance Louisville and our dancers. I want the best for my studio, and its dancers which is why I'm willing to invest whatever I can to make sure EVERYONE that comes to our studio, no matter what their personal goals, will come away with something valuable each and every time they walk through our doors.

I encourage to give us a call.
(502) 377-4859. Don't hesitate because spots fill up quickly.

I hope to see you soon. I look forward to meeting you!
-Brian Barakauskas

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"I had danced as a kid but had trouble finding dancing as an adult. Dance Louisville provided that outlet for me! I absolutely love my private lessons!"

-Dr. Erin Abell
Dance Louisville Student

Best Deal in Louisville!

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Winter Showcase
Why do new students love dancing here? Listen now!
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"I convinced Ben to take dance class with me if I learned about football. I still don't like football but Ben & I love dancing together! -Susan Smith
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"the most useful single dance" Its called West Coast Swing and the steps will be included on the video. It goes right along with our beginner class!