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red-fleur-de-lis-mdOur History (fun facts)

Some quick facts about our studio. We began construction on the inside in late 2005. Due to delays we opened our doors January first 2006. That was the date of the official first private lesson on the new dance floor.

The studio was born out of a desire for us to have a relaxed fun environment for people to enjoy dancing. Dance Louisville still offers full competitive programs in all styles of partner dancing but the initial focus is on helping students find their passion. Our lessons, group classes and dances are all focused on the fun part. We offer showcases and studio trips so that as people grow with their dancing so do the opportunities.

Over the years we have slightly changed our focus from the more traditional ballroom classes to a more modern mix of salsa, swing and ballroom. We have worked with in the city to add classes that were not offered in other places and fit needs that other studio are not able to fill. We have tried to not compete with other dance venues in town but rather to add things to the community that were not previously there. Each year we take inventory of the dance classes, pay attention to other studios in Louisville to make sure we are an asset to the city as a whole!

Also our teachers and to students travel the US and abroad to continue their training in all the styles of dancing to keep us on the cutting edge.

We have several students that have been with us the entire 7plus years we have been open! Thats loyalty. Although we are one of the most relaxed studios in town and are students are free to dance wherever they like, many of them simply prefer our way of doing business and call our studio home.

Fun facts....

  • Doors opened in January 2006
  • Over 100 people attended our grand opening
  • We have had over 100 people dancing in the studio over 10 times in the life of the studio
  • Our showcases used to be held in the studio will we out grew our space
  • Our monthly WCS dances used to be held on sundays
  • Our walls used to be ORANGE
  • The painters made a mistake when we opened and pained our walls PINK
  • We have had a country artist perform there
  • We used to have a live salsa band every month
  • The first song played on the speakers was "Ability to Swing"
  • Brian first saw the studio location while having his oil changed across the street
  • An episode of the reality show "southern bells" was filmed here

We are still writing chapters....

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