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Located in the East End of Louisville at 8023 Catherine Lane PHONE (502) 377-4859 Contact Us

red-fleur-de-lis-mdDance Louisville's Studio Space
Are we the best dance studio in Louisville? You be the judge!

Dance Louisville
Natural Light
When we chose our space one of our priorities was to have natural light. So many studio are buried deep inside buildings with no windows. We always thought that that style of space tended to have a very 'cold' feeling . We chose a space that had windows along the front providing plenty of natural light to allow for a 'warmer' feel!
Group Class picture at our dance studio

Plenty of comfortable Dance Floor

Our studio dance floor is roughly 60 by 40 feet. A shade less than a competition style ballroom dance floor. That leaves us with about 2400 feet of floating dance floor. A 'floating' floor means the wood is not glued to but floats on a pad above the concrete below. This allows for a bit more natural cushion which makes it easier on the joints.

Our floor is also a bit on the fast side. What that means is that its not a very sticky floor. Again to make it easier on your joints and to allow for new dancers in street shoes who do not yet have proper dance shoes.
more fun at dance louisville

2 separate zones of music

If you look to the left side of this pic you will see rolling dividing wall. We use that accordion style wall to separate the studio in half during private lessons. This combined with the fact that we have sound system wired into 2 separate zones allow you to work on your waltz on one side of the studio while people are dancing to salsa on the other.

dance party

Fun Evening Lighting

At some point its time to shut off the lights and change the mood. Over the years we have tinkered with our evening lighting. With a Disco Ball at the center and some strategically placed professional pin lights we have super cool evening lighting for dances and parties. We have created just the right amount of light to set the mood but still enough light to enjoy the dancing!

old store front photo

Our 'Store Front'
We have a great east end location in Lyndon about one mile from the Oxmoor mall. Less than a mile from Westport Village. Its a great neighborhood, plenty of parking and less than a mile from 264.

Dance Louisville

8023 Catherine Lane
Suite 103 & 104
Louisville Ky 40222

(502) 377-4859

Hall rental information for dance louisville

Looking for an inexpensive option for a hall to rent in Louisville? We rent our hall at a very, very good rate! Want to rent a hall to dance in? Want to rent a hall for a kids birthday party? Want hall rental for a reception in Louisville?Sound system. Seating for 100. Banquet tables. 18-24inch round tables and more... Call 377-4859 or Email