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red-fleur-de-lis-mdPrivate Lessons
Private lessons are an vital part of learning to dance as a couple or as an individual. You will be matched up with one of our fantastic teacher based on your needs and interests. Whether you want to learn to dance for social functions, to meet new people or even to perform or compete one day your private lesson teacher is your greatest resource.

There are 3 main elements to learning to dance. Private Lessons, Group Classes and Dance Parties.

Why private lessons?
  • Schedule - We teach privates at our school from 9am-10pm most days of the week
  • Pace - Private lessons at our dance studio go at your pace whether it be fast or slow
  • Interest - We cover many popular dances in group classes, but you may can try many different dances through your private lessons

Get started...
CALL NOW! (502) 377-4859

David RoyerKelli Romanchuck private lesson teacher
Michelle Flowers Megan Anderson Dance instructor Dance LouisvilleBrian Barakuskas

"We are looking forward to dancing with you!"
-David, Kelli, Michelle, Megan & Brian

What you need to know!
  • Classes and lessons will begin and end promptly at the scheduled time.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes in advance to make sure that you are ready to begin on time.
  • Shoes with non sticky rubber soles are recommended. Dance shoes are best, but not required.
  • Ladies please wear shoes that do not fall off your feet. Flip flops are not very good for dancing. Closed toe shoes are not a bad idea.
  • Students must call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Lessons canceled less than 24 hours notice will be charged a cancelation fee.

Brian welcomes everyone to our studio
Are you uncomfortable starting with a Private?
Try a group class first!
Give us a call to schedule
(502) 377-4859
Plenty of people prefer groups before starting privates.
Regular Rates

Private dance lessons are really the most effective way to begin to learn. Lessons can progress at a pace specific to the individual student. Dance Louisville offers professional, fun private instruction at an affordable price. Ask about our 'new student special'

At our dance school we offer discounts for teens to be able to take affordable private instruction. At Dance Louisville we have a real passion for introducing ballroom, swing and salsa dancing to as many young people as we can. Please inquire about our 'teen discount'

Please call (502) 377-4859 to get your teen started!

Have a few friends interested in dancing?
Can't make a group class because of a schedule conflict? Want to take a class with only your friends? Schedule your own Semi Private lessons for just your group!

Semi-Private Lessons
Semi-Private Lessons are a great way for 4-8 people (often times couples) to set their own time for a group class. We have several couples who share a 'semi private lesson'

Winter Showcase
Why do new students love dancing here? Listen now!
lucky guy
1. It can help a guy with the ladies!Need we say more? Jokes aside dancing is a great way to meet new people.
Brian and Jen
2. You can lose weight!
Our student and friend Jen lost over 100lbs. Her instructor Brian challenged her to dance 100min straight in celebration. SHE DID!
larry and jess ballroom dancing
3. It can improve your relationship
We have lots of couples that really enjoy dancing together. We have had a few couples meet for the first time right here at Dance Louisville!