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Dance Louisville
A video made for us by a student

You will probably have to click thru and watch on youtube. Its worth it though.

Full videos from our Trailer

West Coast Swing
(Erin and her teacher Brian)

(David and Tabitha)

Two Step
(Megan and her teacher Brian)

(Brian Barakauskas)

We are so proud of the opportunities that dancing has provided to us at Dance Louisville. We are proud of these videos and proud to share dancing with our great city of Louisville. None of the dancing on these videos existed before Dance Louisville opened. Our staff and students keep creating fantastic opportunities to cultivate dancing as a hobby, as art, but mostly as a shared passion with our students. Social dancing, competitive dancing, performing and mostly teaching are all things we are passionate about. We hope to bring as many styles of dance to our city, ballroom, latin, country, west coast swing, salsa and more so that you may find the style of dance that moves you. Its been said many times before in our studio "I never knew I would enjoy _______ until you exposed it to me." At Dance Louisville we never know in what way dancing will fit into your life. We just know that for many of us it is a big part of ours and we hope to that we can share just a little bit of what has bought many of us years of joy. Please enjoy these videos. May they inspire you!!