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Want a dance others won't soon forget
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Other Family members want to learn?
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Is your wedding one week away?

Make your wedding dance one the people wont soon forget!
Andrea Weddnig Dance

This is probably the most elaborate 'Wedding Dance' we have done at Dance Loiusville. Actually its a father-daughter dance.

Scott called us up (377-4859) one day and explained his idea to take a traditional Frank Sinatra Foxtrot and turn it into a Michael Jackson medley of music using several Michael Jackson tunes..

We helped suggest songs working along side Scott and his daughter Amanda. We edited the music... Came up with a Foxtrot routine, then used several michael Jackson tunes staying authentic to the dance styles Michael used in each song.

A special few in the wedding party even joined in for the final song 'Thriller' The result was fantastic! No one had any idea what they had planned!

Here is what Scott had to say in an email after 'The Dance'
Watch their dance

            Not sure if you saw this picture but this one is my absolute favorite from the day.  The picture capturing Amanda jumping in the background at the exact moment of the big dip says it all for me.  It was the point where I knew we had done it.  Relief and exhilaration wrapped into one second in time.
Once again, we all appreciate you working with us to make this the absolute hit of the evening,  They are still talking about “the dance.”  
Scott T. Wesley

Is your wedding next weekend? We can help!
next week wedding

We have heard in many times. A couple calls up to get some help with their wedding dance only to find our that the wedding is ONE WEEK AWAY!

We can help you work fast and get something together quickly to help you out on your big day!

Your running out of time!
Quick call us 377-4859

Do you have several members of your wedding party that want to learn?
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Now this can be fun! Sometimes other family members want to get in on the wedding dance action. We have seen as many as 15 people from one family come in to learn to dance for the reception.

Its actually a great way to bond as a family and a cost effective way to learn to dance.

Start here...

3 things to do!

  • First, pick a song or several. If you can't decide we will help
  • Second, know how big your dance floor will be. Though not vital its helpful to determine which dance steps will work best.
  • Third, Call Us 377-4859

your first hour private lesson is only $15

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Your first lesson will always be just $15 but if you read the 'questions we always get' just below, you will see that our average basic wedding dance takes 4-6 lessons. We decided to offer a basic 5 lesson package that includes a simple, easy to learn dance complete with a picture worthy finishing pose created just for you!

Call 377-4859 to schedule your first $15 From there you can decide if our 5 lesson $199 Special is right for you.

Questions we always get!

Q. How many lessons will it take?
Tricky question... Depends... If you are thinking towards the style of dance people 'won't soon forget' you are looking at something like 12 lessons. If your wedding is 'next weekend' well then we only have time for 2-3 lessons. That probably leaves the avg. around 4-6 lessons to be comfortable.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Well your first hour long lesson is only $15. Thats a no brainer. We will listen to your song, discuss the space you will be dancing in and make some suggestions on what we think will be best to learn. Then we start teaching you your dance!
Just call 377-4859 to get started.

Q. What shoes to I wear? (usually from the girl)
A. Comfortable shoes that won't fall off. Preferably closed toed with a back. You will want to try dancing in shoes like your wedding shoes at least once to be comfortable.

We also offer music mixing and editing for your wedding song. We are experts at helping pick music as well as helping plan your dance. We have been doing wedding dances of all types for a long time so feel free to ask for anything you need. Maybe we can help take the stress of your big first dance away. Looking forward to meeting you. Congrats on your engagement and have fun on your honeymoon!